CapCut MOD APK v11.9.0 [All Pro Unlocked] – 2024

Download CapCut Video Editor

Although Capcut has a comprehensive set of editing tools, customers are wary of the in-app shopping conditions, stopping them from accessing premium toolsets. However, you can skip those official purchasing prerequisites by downloading the Capcut APK from our website.

The waiver of Shopping Requirements is half of the offerings of our MOD in total. The remaining portion of our Custom-Built Cap Cut comprises the Removal of the WaterMark, Free Accessibility to Special Effects, and Quick Importing to Social Media Platforms. you may also download this Castle App for Movies form our Website.

While exploring our Modified Environment of Capcut, another that would catch your attention is the Customizable Interface. From creating a list of your favorite editing tools to positioning them on your desired spots and changing the default theme, this Capcut Edition works according to your preferences.

CapCut APP Info Table

App NameCapCut MOD APK
Last Updated2 Hours Ago
Android Requirments5.0+
CategoryVideo Editor
App Downloads501 Million
App DeveloperBytedance Pte. Ltd.
PricingFree of Cost
Info Source Google Play Store

Screenshots of CapCut MOD APK

If we discuss the Legal Status of Capcut APK, it is fully anti-ban and verified by Google Play Security. It indicates that neither Google nor the App’s Official Developers block or ban your account upon downloading it through external sources.

So, what’re you waiting for? Claim your Latest Capcut Pro MOD by clicking the download button. Of course, our exhibited Links are 100% secure and compatible with all top-notch Android Brands, iPhones, Windows, and other Internet-based gadgets.

What is CapCut – All you Need to Know

Gone past the days when people used bulk Desktops integrated with highly complex Software to edit their videos and images. Now, it is an era of Editing Apps that allows you to trim your creations on your Mobile Phones within seconds.

Beyond bringing technology to your fingertips, another commendable invocation of Editing Apps is affiliation with Money-Generating Social Media Platforms. Users can edit their creations on such apps and then upload them on Social portals directly.

Hence, Content Creation has become a million-dollar forte subsequently, motivating worldwide developers to launch their Editing Apps with maximum attributes and minimal usage requirements. Currently, you can find hundreds of Editing Toolkits on the market.

Among hundreds of top contenders, Capcut APK for Android shines at the top for all valid reasons. Above all, Capcut is the only professional editing app accessible freely to worldwide users, and it has a direct partnership with TikTok App.

From a vast gallery of video editing to a range of pre-made templates, countless effects, background audio settings, on-image text options, and XML Support, Capcut app certainly brings perfect Editing Solutions irrespective of your experiences.

Further, Capcut wraps a precise range of Tools that its rivals fail to cover. While unlocking the extended features gallery of Capcut, you” find attributes, including Transitions, Merging of Clips, Special Effects, Picture-In-Picture Mode, Retro, and RGB Saturations. You may also Download zinmanga apk form our website

The other selling aspect of the Capcut App is its vast compatibility with diverse-natured devices. On performing grounds, you can install and run this app on Android Phones, iPhones, MACOS, Tablets, iPads, Desktops, and Windows 7, 8, 9, & 11.

Lastly, we would like to shed light on the highly optimized and Value-Added Interface and Navigation Panel of Capcut unlocked apk. The app features well-positioned editing sections while previewing creations and importing projects are always like inside your pocket.

Breakdown of Capcut Features

If you are a Facebook, TikTok, or Instagram user, you might be amazed by the astonishing videos of other social media influencers. CapCut owns its entire reward as the top trending editing application that offers infinite editing functions like slow-mo, time-lapse, background music, animation, etc.

Whether you are running a photo studio or want to impress your Internet ally, CapCut fulfills your every need with its all-rounder marks, rich in cropping, filters, stickers, blur, texts, overlay, and many others. If you are facing trouble using the app, read the article to get a complete grip on Capcut Free.


Every CapCut user has a profile with a unique ID number comprising ten digits. When you download and install the CapCut from our website or other authentic source, you will provide your email address or link it with your TikTok account to set up your CapCut profile.

Usage of Profile

Setting a CapCut account is favorable for the users and the CapCut itself. If you are using CapCut, it’s good for you to register yourself at CapCut to get the maximum premium features of the app. Moreover, you can earn many fans through this feature.

When you create a piece of art, you can share it with the CapCut users’ community. People would praise and share your content if you have created artistic work. You can get a chance to approach a professional level through CapCut and earn handsome money.

Slow-mo Video

Are you a novice social media user, or do you have no skills in making slow-motion videos? If so, come and join us to beat your rivals. Now, you can convert your best poses into a slow-speed video. No matter whether you are a beginner or a pro, you can build slow-mo within a short time.

How to Use Slow Motion Feature?

For that purpose, follow the instructions and read the paragraph thoroughly. Open your CapCut editing application and click on the Edit tab. Here, you extract input from your gallery or other storage. Import the editable content, put it in the edit box, and hit the Speed switch. You can choose the speed of the video from 0x to -10x and set background music and various visual effects by clicking the given options. After completion of the process, export the video to your desired location.


Besides, if you want to speed up the play at some scenes and slow at specific poses, you can do the same by choosing Curve. You can select from the seven existing curves, but if you want some distinct motion, adopt the Custom and design your speed curves.

Auto Captions

Are you a trainer, teacher, or demonstrator and want to deliver your message perfectly? Choose the Auto Captions feature in CapCut because it helps to transcribe what you say in your videos. This marvelous attribute assists in writing the captions under your videos, like subtitles.

How to Use Auto Captions

Go to the Explore area, Find the Auto Captions button, and extract the video you want to caption. It’ll take hardly a few seconds to process completion. Moreover, you can edit the captioned text and change the text color, position, size, and font. At the end, export the prepared video to your location.

Draw over Videos

The feature is usable to scribble on your videos. The Capcut has a Let’s Draw function that allows you to add doodles on any video and make it look irregular. You can use the tool to put your signature and other shapes as an unofficial copyright.

How to Draw

Open up the Explore domain, go to Spot Features, and enter into Let’s Draw! You can select various shapes from the available ribbon. Besides, choose pencil size and color and draw anything over the video. Additionally, users can implicate stickers from the existing range to add fantasy to the clip.

Video Collage

Sometimes, you want to merge multiple videos into a single clip to make a final video out of little shorts. When you capture a cricket match over with a gap and want to combine them into a particular video, Use this feature to feed your desire.

How to Make Collage

You want to make collages with various shorts but have no idea how to execute them. It’s so simple with CapCut. Proceed to Spot Features and tap on Video Collage. It’ll lead you to a new window. Then, select your desired videos and click on the Add button. Other flattering features are available at the bottom of the page, including Edit, Audio, Text, Overlay, Effects, Ratio, Filters, Stickers, and others.

Apply Effects

Active Capcut users on social media have grabbed huge fans due to their charming videos, professional touch, humorous effects, and perfection in their content. It has become possible with CapCut intensive tools and a vast range of facial features.

Method of Applying Effects

Whether you like a Kid’s face or intend to apply a Hilarious expression, whether you want to dye your hair or furnish a cartoon look, all those facial expressions come in one pack. Users can utilize Lightning Eyes, Electro-Light, Laser Eyes, or a Streamer Stroke. Hundreds of such effects are applicable in your videos and images within nanoseconds.


For brand promotions, captions, subtitles, vlogs, and publicity purposes, Text on Videos and images can improve the appearance of your content. A large amount of text is handy to Cap Cut users without the extra effort of selecting design, color, font style, sizes, etc. Users can pick from templates to save time & cost.

How To Write On A Video

For this reason, explore the Text tab, where you’ll see five diverse categories of Texts. Pick one of them, as per your need, and decide on a text showing underneath in Trending, Social Media, Title, Vlog, Outfit, Chapter, etc. boxes. Rotate the text sticker in any direction and drag out any size over the movie.

Audio & Sounds

While using Capcut to set or change sounds, you can record voiceovers or other existing sounds in your videos. Besides voiceovers, you can also impose any piece of music from your storage. It is permitted for users to take sounds from any video and edit them into their own.

How it works

Capcut users can enhance sound effects for a better experience of their videos. For that purpose, visit the Explore hub and open up your desired content to apply sounds over it. Now, record voiceover or pull out music from any video. Apply the changes, export the new video to your storage, or directly share it on your TikTok account.

Auto Cut

If you are a lazy personality and want a readymade set of filters, effects, movements, glowing texts, and other charming qualities, use AutoCut to nourish your craving. You can find thousands of handy combinations of editing effects in this portal. You’d not need to hunt for every single aspect.

How to Apply AutoCut

Adorable sounds, transition effects, a wide range of shapes, implicated texts, AI movement, and many other editing features are on hand for users, helpful in saving time and struggle. Users have permission to renovate videos by importing and applying any set of editing from the given ribbon underneath.

Multi Clips

Multi-Clips is functional to make a brief video of 15 seconds, 60 seconds, and up to 3 minutes. You can take multiple shots in a single video with various pauses. Moreover, a wide range of techniques and effects are also applicable and available in categorized columns in the app.

How to Use Multi Clips

Open the CapCut app, click on the Camera on the left top, choose Multi-Clips, and keep pressing the record button to the capture clip. Release the button when you want to finish the first clip. Repeat the cycle for another shot, and so on.

New Project

CapCut is a self-trainer editing application famous for its broad control over amending tools. The app is working for professional and personal users. The person intending to compose a video from images or shorts may approach New Project to accomplish his intention. The New Project opens several ways to the editing world, like Audio, Text, Overlay, Filters, Speed, etc.

How it Works

After entering into the New Project, users have two options. They can choose between video and image or select pieces to edit from both rooms. The preferred content appears on the top in default condition, and a film in ribbon shape follows it. Apply filters, texts, voiceovers, and effects of your choice, and if you want to edit the clip further, click on the ribbon layer. As soon as you hit it, additional editing options emerge on the bottom of your device, including Edit, Effects, Ratio, Filters, Adjust, Canvas, Speed, and many others.

Editing Helps For Beginners  – Accessing Special Features

Believe it or not, the Capcut App is perfectly designed for creators of all categories. Whether you’re new to creating a business or a professional video editor, you’ll find exact tools of your desire without seeking external assistance.

Users may adjust the original matter without applying filters, transitions, etc.

You can customize margin frames in your video. It allows you to add more frames, texts, videos, and images.

Editors can decide the limits of filters and other changes by scrolling the horizontal bar.

You can adjust the frame ratio of your composed videos concerning social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

Video effects are customizable and involve general video. Body Effects help to alter the effects on the exposed creatures in the video. Photo Effects are functional to edit the look of the image in the content.

You can add a frame over the vital video comprising images or film.

If you do not want the CapCut logo at the end of your videos, you can delete it. While finalizing your editing, select that portion from the video layer bar and delete it.

Highlighting the Special Features of CapCut MOD APK

As a diamond shines in a coal mine, in the same way, the CapCut app distinguishes itself from other editing applications. It’s the beauty of CapCut that it allows every consumer to use its power editing tools free of cost that come with money in rest editing software.

Although every editing channel offers ordinary tools to meet the basic edits, CapCut also carries those formal means. What’s more, CapCut provides premium and lesser-known editing features to enhance your videos and customization. Below is a list of those exceptional features.


For branding purposes, you can affix custom watermarks in your editions. CapCut allows its users to use the competency of watermarks in your content, helping them to raise their identity and, especially, secure branding.

Meme Generator

Using your video recordings and photos, you can generate meme content. CapCut includes this unique approach for its worldwide users to insert personal images and videos to create humorous content. Users can share their memo formation onward with friends.

AI Beauty Special Effects

AI is the dominant technology in the present era. CapCut includes AI-controlled beauty-enhancing machinery that helps users trim down the defects and stabilize the skin pitch in their videos. A wide range of AI beauty effects is available in the CapCut showroom.

Subtitle Translation

CapCut offers an incredible feature of Auto Captions that helps to cause subtitles translation of your verbal stuff in your videos. This feature helps to establish the subtitles in various languages to address the comprehensive listeners.

Dynamic Music Templates

CapCut has the blessing of dynamic music templates that automatically match the transitions of your video and music to the tempo to enhance viewer engagement. This attribute of CapCut saves time and provides the best outputs.

Screen Recording

CapCut permits you to run In-app screen recording. This function helps record the editing activities inside CapCut and makes demonstrations and tutorials to share with others. Moreover, the captured screen recording is also editable through CapCut tools.

Voice Changer

If you want to modify your voice, you can do it while staying in the app. CapCut offers voice-changing quality in real-time and during the editing process. This attribute helps users to adjust their voices behind a video clip for fun.  

Projects Backup

Surprisingly, CapCut automatically saves your projects in drafts for your ease. It works to help you in securing time and records. It also preserves incomplete projects involuntarily that you can reopen through any device at any time.

Video Rotation and Flip

CapCut provides video rotation and flip functions helpful in correcting the direction issues of images and videos, and it is valuable for creating exceptional visual looks in the entertaining world. This tool is handy to adjust the position of footage manually.

Collage and PIP

CapCut offers Collages and Picture-in-picture features. You can build collages from multiple images and videos using a single frame. Moreover, CapCut also carries the Picture-In-Picture method that allows you to set a video or photo over the previous.

Exploring the Latest Editing Features in Capcut MOD

If we specifically about Capcut MOD Edition, it performs slightly better than the Original Version since it packs a few additional editing tools. In the meantime, the developers kept updating this custom-built MOD by adding new attributes regularly.


When making videos during walks or traveling, the surrounding turbulence impacts your videos, ultimately wobbling them. However, the latest Capcut Edition features a Stabilize Video Option, allowing you to stabilize your shaky videos without hassle.

XML Support

Lastly, we appreciate the XML Support formulated in the Updated Capcut Edition. In the spotlight, this attribute makes the Projects Transfer Process like a Piece of Cake. Feel free to use XML support to migrate your fully-furnished or half-prepared projects to rival editing software.

Inclusion of Glitch Effect

It is probably the most commendable attribute that the Capcut App recently introduced for its users. Using this feature, you can alter the original colors of your videos and photos alongside breaking them into parts. In short, this trait changes the entire color patterns of your creations.

Key Frame Animation

Although the Original Capcut APK features an Animation Option by default, the new edition furnishes it to the finest. Now, you can integrate Animations with Key Frames through which you can add zoom-in/out effects alongside setting the start and end points of your videos.

How To Edit Videos & Images Through Capcut?

You do not need professional training to be an editing expert in CapCut. Just read the following guide and be a proficient editor. Of course, the presence of a stable internet connection is mandatory during your Real-Time Editing Projects.

  • Start with a New Project: Select the New Project and start your editing journey.
  • Select Template: Select the template area to get a ready-made sample for editing.
  • Import Video or Image: Import your video or picture from the storage that you want to edit.
  • Use Trimming Feature: Cut off the unimportant portion from your input by trimming.
  • Access Rotate Trait: You can turn a photo and video at any angle by choosing the Rotate button.
  • Add Effects: Apply any effect on your video from the available range. Facial expressions, cartoon looks, Eyes color, Hairstyles, and many others are existing effects.
  • Include Transition: Select visual transitions to apply to your footage to enhance the experience.
  • Set Background Audios: Extract audio from your videos or choose an audio piece from the available templates to merge in your editing.
  • Check Voiceovers: Besides audio, the app allows you to record your voiceovers and stick them in your cassette with better quality.
  • Apply Stickers & Filters: Choose the most appropriate filters and stickers from the abundant library and apply them to your content.
  • Try Out Overlay: Add another frame over the earlier frame to make reaction videos.
  • Inspect Aspect Ratio: Choose the frame ratio of your finalized video making it suitable for various platforms YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, etc.
  • Export or Share: After completion of the task, import your ultimate content to any platform and store it in your device storage.

How CapCut Work Screenshots?

Finding the Best Alternatives to CapCut

Though CapCut stands at the top of the editing world, some people might be willing to move to another fine editing platform. Our team has gathered accurate information to assist hesitant users. These five video & photo editing apps can be helpful as substitutes for CapCat.


InShot is a mobile application widely used for video and photo editing. The app has fundamental and professional editing tools like Trim, Cut, and Rotate and advanced effects like filters, stickers, speed control, etc. It also holds a Chroma Key feature that helps remove and replace backgrounds from your videos.

Kinemaster APK


KineMaster is an in-fashion editing app that provides professional results for vloggers and casual users. Beyond formal editing aspects, KineMaster allows you to export your edited videos in high resolution and diverse aspect ratios, making it an above-all editing tool. Moreover, the app also offers a Green Screen function to replace backdrops.

FilmoraGo Review


FilmoraGo is a mobile operating editing tool that works for PCs and other smart devices. The app is rich in master editing means and allows users to add stickers, texts, visual effects, transitions, and audio replacement. Like others, the app lets you export videos in different resolutions and manifold aspect ratios.



Lightroom offers editing of your photos with a diversity of tools and suppleness to convert your images into striking pieces of talent. Lightroom alters your images without compromising the original worth. Adobe Lightroom lets you edit, crop, and apply filters, backgrounds, and foregrounds, enhancing the overall look of your material.



The dazzling editing app VivaVideo suits professional and amateur editors. VivaVideo packs advanced tools and has a user-friendly interface. It contains proper editing tools, music and sound effects, themes and templates, collages, reverse playback, and multi-layer editing features. VivaVideo is a gigantic platform working to create visually appealing stuff for social media stations.

Common Errors in CapCut

Nothing in this world is ideal except the Almighty God. Every human-made object has some problems causing hurdles during usage. In the same box, CauCut users face some lags while exercising editing. After keen research, the writer has found some common usage errors that people encounter while using CapCut.

App Crashes

It happens sometimes that an error of app crash occur while using it. The error arises due to less compatibility of the device with the app. If your device does not meet the needs of app requirements, it may freeze or crash during use.


CapCut is a high-definition video editing application that requires Android version 5 or above. Having this required quality is sufficient to use the essential editing tools, but the app crashes when you try to use Premium features. The writer suggests you upgrade your device to solve this problem.

Slow Performance

If your project is too heavy and your machine is not of intense power, the app may be a sluggish and weak performer. You might have to wait long for completion of commands. Slow performance leads to tension and anxiety among users.


To overcome the slow performance of CapCut, you should upgrade the speed of your operating device. Use a more powerful device, lessen the complexity of your project, and reduce the video resolution and export settings for smooth work.


Failure to update the app may result in deprivation of the latest features and bug fixation. It could happen due to a lack of updates from the makers or due to an old version of the app.


If your app does not receive regular updates from the store, you should update it manually. You can fix this problem by downloading the latest app from an authentic source.

Watermark Issues

Users of the official version of CapCut NO watermarks in the last of their videos that could spoil the general adventure of the video. People have to bear these watermarks against their wills. They face complexities in removing those watermarks from their footage.


You can remove watermarks from your videos easily by installing the MOD APK version of the CapCut. You may download CapCut Mod APK free of cost from our website to reject unwanted watermarks.

Activation or License Problem

If your CapCut is not activated or has no certified license, your app may not work properly or stop working further. It happens when you download the app from unauthentic sources or a pirated copy.


Always download the CapCut from an authentic and verified website. Frequently update the app to avoid issues regarding the activation or license expiry.

Shortage of Storage

If your device runs out of storage, your CapCut app stops working, leading to the risk of project loss. When the device has low storage, the app’s performance decreases, and its ability to save your assignments declines.  


Remove unnecessary items from your storage and uninstall extra apps to make space for CapCut processing.

Difficult Features

A beginner may face difficulties while using CapCut for the first time. A layman encounters hurdles in learning the working mechanism of the App.   


Discuss with the official page or consult with online tutorials to learn about the diverse functionalities of the CapCut. Moreover, you can also join communities and social groups where experts share tips and tricks to be skilled in CapCut.

Limited Features

Occasionally, people realize that the CapCut installed on their device has fewer features than their buddies. Your app may lack some premium features that you observe on other devices. This shortage comes about on mobile phones.


It’s a fact that mobile phone applications may have limited features as PCs. The official version of the app has limited features on mobile devices. If you want to approach all those features, install the Mod APK version of the app to unlock premium qualities.

Lost Work

Users of CapCut may lose their work if they are not familiar with the working mechanism and interface of the app. If they do not save their projects, they may lose them.


CapCut generally has an Auto-Save feature. To prevent data loss, you must ensure that Auto-Save is enabled and your data is secure. You can find your in-progress work through Projects.

Import/Export Problem

If your app’s settings have an incorrect configuration, you won’t be able to import or export your files and may face difficulties. Users face problems while importing files to edit because of unsupported file formats.


First of all, make sure that your files are in supported formats. Video editing apps accept MOV & MP4 types generally. If they are not in supported formats, convert them. Verify your export and import settings according to your task.

Errors in CapCut (Infographic) Guide

Installation Guide of Capcut – A Must Read Info

As said earlier, Vast Compatibility is another factor that assists Capcut in setting itself apart from its counterparts. The app works seamlessly on diverse naturing Android Devices, Apple-oriented gadgets, and Desktops working on various Windows.

However, the downloading and installation of Capcut varies according to the build and specs of your device. Thus, we’re writing detailed guides for installing Capcut on various gadgets, and you must follow the lead according to the device you own.

Download Capcut MOD on Androids – Supporting Samsung, Oppo, & Others

The Official Capcut App was initially compatible with Android Devices and is still intact with the bundle. In the spotlight, users having Samsung, Oppo, Xiaomi, Realme, and Motorola brands can install Capcut by following the lead below.

  • Click on the Download Button to claim the Latest Capcut APK for Androids.
  • Wait a few seconds as our servers prepare to work on your request.
  • After downloading the package, go to Phone’s Settings.
  • In the security Option > Enable Unknown Sources to permit Capcut Assets File access to your device storage.
  • Next, go to File Manager > Download Folder > Track and Launch Capcut MOD File to start installation.
  • Follow on-screen prompts to complete the install set-up.
  • Finally, open the app and start editing your images and videos.

Download Capcut Pro on Computers – Workable on Windows 7, 8, 9 & 11

In the most recent development, the originators of Capcut have launched their Capcut Desktop Edition. The Capcut Windows Version works seamlessly with the computer environment, while its verified installation process is below.

  • Visit the Official Capcut Website and look for the Latest Capcut Desktop Edition.
  • Click the Download Button and wait until the file transfers into your device.
  • Next, go to your My Computer > Download Folder > Open Capcut Exe. File.
  • Launch the File and Follow On-screen permissions to complete the installation.
  • Afterward, an app icon will appear on your desktop screen.
  • Click the Capcut App and Enjoy.

Download Capcut on iPhones – 100% Verified Method.

To be honest with our readers, the MOD Version of Capcut doesn’t work on Apple-oriented devices unless following illegal ways, such as Jailbreaking. After saying this, you can download Capcut from the Apple Store for free.

  • Open the Apple Store on your iPhone.
  • Use your Official Apple ID to access its Apps Gallery.
  • Upon entering the App Store, navigate to the Search Function.
  • Type “Capcut for iPhone” in the search bar and hit OK.
  • Pick the Official Website from SERP Results and click on the Download Button.
  • Afterward, Download and Click the App to start Installation.
  • Wait until the install step-up completes.
  • Finally, Log-In the app using Apple ID Password and start editing videos.

Download Capcut on MAC/iOS/Tablets – Without External Software

The latest Capcut All-In-One APK driven users craze since it offers extended compatibility standards. The app works great with iPads having 11.0 or later iOS, iPod touch having 11.0 or later iOS, and MAC having MACO 10.14 or above.

  • Launch the Safari Browser on your MAC, iPad, or iPod.
  • Open the Apple Store using your Official Apple ID.
  • Navigate towards the search bar and type “Capcut for MACOS”.
  • Choose the App from Results and click the Download Button.
  • Follow on-screen commands to complete installation.
  • Finally, open the App and start using it without boundaries.

Frequently Asked Questions about CapCut APK

As said earlier, the Capcut APK edition packs more improvised editing tools and features than its Play Store-based version. Further, it has no in-app shopping attributes, and users can access its premium toolkits without paying a single penny.

On practical grounds, it is illegal to download and use MOD or Custom-built versions of any game or app, including Capcut. After that being said, millions of people are using those third-party tools, and if you get one from reliable sources, feel free to try it.  

Since Capcut MOD is a third-party product, errors and glitches are frequent, and you won’t worry much about it. Regarding the MOD Version malfunctioning, this issue usually occurs when you’re using the app’s older version. So, replace with latest one available on our website.


In short, Capcut is a perfect Editing Toolkit to express your Skills and Intentions in the shape of Videos and Images. The app’s extensive tools gallery and its simple accessibility are core reasons behind its utmost success on the market. Meanwhile, you can unlock Capcut Premium Tools by downloading its MOD Edition from our website. Beyond providing the Links and information on Capcut, you can contact us if you fail to understand or use any editing tool. Our team reaches you within 24 hours of your query. On the sidelines, you can bookmark our website and enable the Notification Icon to receive an alert whenever we publish a New Post or Article related to the Capcut App.