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Surprisingly, Trending CapCut Templates allow you to merge 12 pieces of footage to make a concise video to compete with your rivals. Instead of picking a separate template for each photo, use this template, add up to twelve pictures at once, and strike off your competitors from the battlefield.

The instant CapCut template helps users polish their editing skills with each photo while using this template. It allows them to set various visual effects, animations, transitions, filters, and styles for every image. Each photo lives for a few seconds on the screen, then the other, and so on. Check, Puzzle CapCut Template New Links.

The playback speed of the video is not constant. You can alter the pace that fits your desires. The minimum duration for 12 photos may be 11 seconds, while the maximum may approach 40. Users may extend the time for a specific snap as well.

Trending CapCut Templates

How to Use

Explore the Trending CapCut Template from the search bar and click on Use Template. Choose your Favorite shots from the gallery and set their speed, balance, tone, and effects. Make sure the audio piece suits the graphics of the clip. Review the clip just once and share it with buddies to earn fame.

How to Use Trending CapCut Template?

CapCut Template is trending in full swing on TikiTok and Instagram, and no wonder why. The template conveys a powerful message by allowing users to add Lyrics. In addition, the freedom to integrate a diverse range of editable aspects is another core attraction of this template.

  • First of all, you must have a pre-installed Official Capcut App or CapCut MOD.
  • Then, select the CapCut Template from this page.
  • Click the “Use this Template Button” located below each template.
  • Shortly after doing so, we’ll redirect you to the Capcut App, where you can initiate your Editing Process.
  • Start by adding your images or videos to the template.
  • Afterward, visit the tool’s gallery and apply transitions, overlays, effects, and other editing ingredients to finalize your creation.
  • Go to Preview Mode for Last-Minutes Check.
  • Finally, select Resolution and Format for your Product and hit “Export.”