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Templates are pre-designed video editing presets that users can apply to their videos to complete the project quickly. These templates are ready-made and handy layouts applicable to your clips with already set-up styles and themes.

Of course, templates in CapCut can save the time users usually spend choosing filters, transitions, text overlays, music, etc. Also, they can help beginners to edit their desired content without learning editing skills and guidelines. Templates are available free of cost for the ease of users.

CapCut Trending Templates

These templates cover different sections of video editing, such as animations, stickers, emojis, filters, grading, transitions, and text overlays. Besides that, users can pick a template that aligns with their preferred look and customize it in any field.

CapCut Templates

For your information, maximum users of social media influencers use the templates, as this feature wraps categorical presets comprising Vlog, Game, Anime, Status, Marketing, Meme, and many others. You’ll face no difficulty in finding the best template for your video.

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Features of CapCut Templates

Templates enable you to edit your videos through their premeditated designs and outlines. Templates in CapCut have several unique features that you get after a long quest in other editing apps. Here are a few essential attributes of CapCut templates.


Animation templates indicate calculated and pre-animated visual effects that you can use in your videos. These animated templates help you to introduce a startling and dynamic look to your projects without widespread manual editing. Animations include further types like Overlays, Motion Graphics, Stickers and Emojis, Transitions, and Text Animation. 

Stickers and Emojis

These elements are helpful to add fun and give a pleasurable appearance to your content. You can plant a magnetic look and add emotions to your clips without long descriptions. Stickers in CapCut are images and signs that you can customize and impose on the top of the video. You can also personalize a sticker by altering its size, position, shape, dynamic or static.

Emojis are stickers or cartoony images that apply to your videos. These emojis can convey bundles of feelings or expressions in a single sticker. CapCut includes Emojis of a smile, sad, frustrated, love, laugh, cry, wink, and many others to utter your sentiments.


Templates support to affix music and background sounds to your videos. Inserting a music track into your video can alter the situation, context, mood, and exterior without wasting time to find a suitable audio piece separately.

The music domain works on the following rules. It selects a pre-selected music track that suits your video and allows you to edit or replace it with audio from your library. After that, it ensures that the music portion synchronizes with the timing and effects of your video.

Text & Titles

This animation is a commanding tool in CapCut editing for composing your videos more demanding and engaging. Through Text and Titles, you can pass on information with unique inspiration and highlight the main points in your videos through motions and transitions.

Numerous effects are applicable in your videos via Text & Titles Animations. You will experience Rotation, Bounce, Slide In, Slide Out, Typewriter, Fades, Scales, Zoom In, Zoom Out, and many other effects. 


Transitions cause a soft change between two views in a video with magnificent effects. Transitions in CapCut are the main features essential for impressive output. They provide an engaging and smoother viewing experience as they enhance the general course and emphasize the appealing nature of your content.

Some key features of transition effects are Creative Tools, Professional Look, Effortless Application, Customization, Range of Effects, and Seamless Flow. The mixed upshots of these effects give birth to eye-catching and professional videos sufficient to haunt social media contenders.

How to Use Templates For Your Videos?

If you are a fresh user of CapCut and wanna edit your video in a way you are impressed with, you have come to the right place. Templates in CapCut assist you in all ways to make your videos in your desired structure. Read the article thoroughly and be a professional video editor.

Templates in CapCut help out as powerful instruments to pull off skilled video editing with easy editing methods. These templates offer you pre-planned and customizable outlines to modernize video-generating procedures. Templates cover a fine collection of visual effects, styles, and animations, enabling pro and novice users to improve their videos swiftly.\

You can save a mega portion of your precious time using the templates in CapCut. These Templates can secure you from wasting your sweat in choosing tools and seeking guidelines to edit a video. They provide video presets with effects, music, animations, styles, and other elements essential for impressive editing. Here is a general guide for using templates.

  • Open up the CapCut app and select a New Project
  • Bring in the video you want to edit by importing from your location
  • Choose the best template that fits your video. You can find templates directly or from the Effects button. Templates include pre-designed models of effects, sounds, transitions, animations, and texts.
  • After choosing a template, you can modify it as it looks perfect for your video. You can alter text and add your unique captions and labels. You may adjust the transition and other visual effects to match your video.
  • After this action, you can replace the images, videos, and audio clips from that template and add your media. Besides the features of the template, you may add further effects, videos, photos, and transitions to enhance your clips.
  • Apply other filters and effects if needed. You can trim template video, adjust the playback speed, change the color scheme, and add filters for exclusive editing.
  • If you want to record your voiceovers or add music tracks from your library, you can do the same without hassle. 
  • After completing the process, scrutinize the edited video at least once. If you are satisfied with your efforts, save it to your drive. You can share this directly on any social media account like TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.