Download CapCut PRO APK v9.7.0 for Android [Premium Unlocked] 2024

Download CapCut Pro APK All Unlocked. Use all the Premium Filters, Add Emojis, Trim and Cut, Transition and Effects, Stickers, Animations, and Sounds, with No BUG Protected by Freecapcut.

As the name suggests, Capcut Pro is one of the two prime packages of the Official Capcut App. Technically, Capcut Pro APK is a Paid Edition that charges around $9.99 per month for allowing users access to Premium Tools alongside an additional $1.99 cost for providing Cloud Storage where they can store their creations as long as they hold on to this bundle.

App Information Table

App NameCapCut Pro APK (Unlocked)
CategoryVideo Players & Editors
Updated On13th January, 2024
App Size230.37 MB
Android Required5.0+
Developed ByBytedance Pte. Ltd.
Rating4.4 (7M+ Reviews)
App Type(Premium Unlocked) No Watermark
Capcut Pro apk Download

Of course, Capcut Pro is the main earning stream for Capcut Developers since these paid subscriptions allow the firm to bear the expenses of App development and management. After saying this, users can still bypass this official payment prerequisite by downloading the Capcut MOD APK from our website.

Our statement might get you by surprise, but it’s true since our provided Custom-built Capcut Pro APK ensures your free access to the app’s premium editing features alongside removing the ads and watermark.  Perhaps these are the similar offerings that Capcut provides to one who buys its premium membership.

After considering our Capcut Pro Unlocked APK, the only thought stopping you from downloading it is its Legal Status since you want to know whether Google or Capcut Developers legitimate the usage of this edition or not. For your information, Capcut Pro MOD is a 100% secure and anti-ban file, passed by Google Security and authorized by Capcut Officials.

We may now assume you have no misconceptions about Capcut Pro Official MOD Edition, so click the download button to claim your package for Free. Indeed, we’ve scanned our exhibited Links via top-rated malware software and ensured their seamless compatibility with all internet-based gadgets, including Smartphones, MACs, Tablets, and Desktops.

Finding the Difference between Capcut & Capcut Pro APK

Capcut doesn’t need any introduction since it is a top-rated Video Editing App across all downloading mediums, including Google Play Store and Apple Store. In the spotlight, the app wraps a professional range of video and image creation toolkits.

Like most Editing Apps, Capcut contains two Usage Plans – Free and Premium. While using the Capcut Free Edition, users access limited editing tools and cloud storage. In contrast, the Capcut Pro unlocks premium modification gadgets with unlimited storage.

On performing grounds, when a user downloads Capcut, it has to make in-app purchases or upgrade to Paid Membership to unlock Exclusive Tools, such as Filters, Transitions, Animations, and much more, while it also removes ads and watermarks.

The Capcut Pro bundles start at $9.99 per month, in which users can use all exclusive editing tools without limitations. Unlike the Free Edition, the Pro Version allows unlimited Previews, One-Click Sharing, and enhanced Compatibility.

To provide users with a detailed difference between Capcut APK and Capcut Pro MOD Edition, we’re writing a few features below, dedicatedly available for subscribers. Indeed, users without plans can’t claim the below attributes.

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No Ads

Ads are probably the last worst thing ruining your crucial Editing Tenures on Capcut. While composing your content, a sudden advert pops and sweeps away the idea of a new editing move, and you can’t do much about it unless you migrate to the Capcut Pro Edition.

Unlocked Premium Effects & Filters

As said earlier, the Play Store-based Edition permits your access to limited Editing Tools, of which only a few are professional. So, if you want a handful of high-end editing toolkits, you must upgrade to the Capcut Premium APK.

Access to Advanced Tools

Capcut Pro Edition APK packs a diverse range of Advanced Editing Files, such as Filters, Transitions, Overlays, Slow-Mos, Voiceovers, and Speedbacks, and none of them are available in plain version. So, if you want to use them, buy the Capcut Pro Plan.

Without Watermark

CapCut imposes a watermark on the top right of the video for advertising, but it ruins your entire efforts since your audience gets a clear idea of your editing source. Meanwhile, CapCut Pro allows you to export their videos without a watermark, forcing your followers to appraise your creations.

Fully Anti-Ban

For your information, Capcut Pro APK is an authorized variant from the official Capcut Developers. You can download and use this version across all devices without worrying about the ban or blockage of your account or e-mail by authorities or even Google.

Vast Compatibility

While using the Capcut Freemium Edition, users have to log in separately on their Mobile Phones, Laptops, and Desktops since there is no SYNC option available. Meanwhile, the Capcut Pro allows access to one account from five different devices, with the SYNC Feature available to store all progress.

Frequent Updates

Unlike the Capcut Standard Edition, Capcut APK Pro 2024 updates frequently. Each rollout aims to add new editing attributes to the app and improvise the existing ones. Lastly, the Pro version automatically fetches updates once connected to a WI-FI.

24/7 Support

Lastly comes the super active Customer Support of the Capcut App that works around the clock to assist Pro Users. Whether you need any help regarding any tool or face troubles in any other app’s aspect, create your ticket, and Capcut Help Desk will solve it within 24 hours.

Additional Salient Editing Attributes of Capcut Pro MOD

Apart from the above-discussed features, the Capcut Pro offers nearly replicated attributes to the Standard Capcut Format. Since the article aims to assist the readers to the finest, it will thoroughly explore the identical traits of Capcut APK and Capcut Pro MOD.


You can select a full video and cut out the undesired footage with the help of this incredible function. Users can remove irrelevant material from the film to obtain the required engaging visual content. Even a novice can use it easily. Selecting the movie, cropping the appropriate area, seeing the cropped video, saving, and exporting are the only steps required.

Trimming & Cutting

Clients of CapCut may easily trim and cut their videos into their desired forms. While using the CapCut, you no longer need to install apps for trimming and cutting purposes. All come in one package with CapCut. Open the app, upload the clip from the gallery, and tap on the Edit button. Trim out the unnecessary part of it and proceed with further editing.

Add Music

Users of CapCut can add background music and sound to their videos. Whether generating a birthday-wish video or making a collage, they can choose music tracks from the CapCut music library or may select a song from their storage. CapCut allows free usage of this feature for everyone.


To your surprise, if you do not want to follow the typical method of copying songs, add your voice recording to the backdrop. It will blow up your lover’s mind after listening to your sentimental voice in the video message. CapCut has performed wonderfully and provided a chance to prove your singing skills.

Filters & Effects

CapCut’s heart is abundant with unlimited visual filters and effects that you can apply to your videos to enhance their style, look, and appearance. Doubtlessly, the library contains the top trending and eye-catching elements, and the application process is also trouble-free. Moreover, users can regulate the concentration of each filter and effect according to their requirements.


Transition effects help for a seamless flow from one clip to another in your videos. The CapCut app provides an endless variety of transition effects. You can choose any from the available heap of transitions. You may select dissolves, slides, zoom, swipe, fades, holes, etc for your videos.

Speed Control

CapCut allows its users to slow down their videos with motion controls. It means you can make a slow-motion video to beat your social media contenders or create a speedy video for a travel vlog. CapCut permits to reduction of the speed from 0.1x to 100x.

Reverse Playback

Further, the app permits clients to reverse their videos to create more eye-catching and fascinating visual effects. They can overturn their video playback with a click. Also, the video contains reverse background music to add icing on the cake. Making a reverse video is easy. Start a new project, import the video, and tap the Motion button.

Texts and Typography

Surprisingly, you can add text stickers and writings in your videos to meet different purposes. CapCut allows you to carve on the screen during video playback. This feature can help you to add subtitles, quotations, exclamation signs, and your trademark in your clips. Moreover, the app lets you customize writing fonts, styles, colors, and languages.

Stickers and Emojis

CapCut has a wide selection of stickers and emojis implications. To make your films more interesting, a variety of emoji stickers and different inscriptions are available. Emojis and sticker inscriptions can make an ordinary video appear more polished.‎ You can choose stickers and smilies from an unlimited library.

Blur Effects

Users of CapCut can boost the realism of material by adding fake motion blur throughout the editing process. Additionally, it contributes to the video’s dramatic, organic, and captivating feel. By using this functionality, application users can achieve this.‎ Like others, this domain has functions beyond limits. You can blur anything from your photos and videos, for example, a person, floor, sky, specific person, background, moving object, and many more.

Change Background

You can quickly get away with that unwanted stuff from your clips using CapCut. Whether it’s a person or a pet, a table, or a motorbike, users of CapCut provide you with the control to get your desires in your hands using simple tools. Besides, the app allows you to add your favourite background, like photos, shorts, etc.

Aspect Ratio

The aspect ratio is the frame size of a video clip. Every social media station has a different aspect ratio frame size for video play. CapCut allows its users to adjust the aspect ratio in their videos according to their needs. It supports as many different frame sizes as social media platforms maintain. You can export your content in any aspect ratio for TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Variable Resolution

It works like water that turns shape according to the pot. From 144p to 4k, CapCut supports every range of video resolution. You can edit your videos from any result and export the same quality in higher resolution. Users can import a clip from the previous decade, make it beautiful, and save it in HD results without a premium subscription or charges.


CapCuts carries the capability of multiple editing elements. If you don’t know, you can apply several visual effects, soundtracks, filters, styles, transitions, images, stickers, and texts in a single edit. You can construct multifaceted and professional work while using simple tricks.


After finishing your vision, you may share the ultimate project with your friends through any social media stage. You can directly share your work on TikTok, Instagram, etc, with a click on the Share button at the end of editing. Share your stuff with the world and get a chance to participate at a higher level.


Furthermore, you can export your ripe videos to your storage. CapCut allows you to extract your edited material in different resolution qualities. However, it will take longer to save a higher-quality video, while lower-resolution quality videos take less time.

Guides Leading to Capcut Pro APK Installation across Different Devices

The Log-Ins of Capcut Pro APK Bundle could open across five different devices simultaneously. However, the installation of the App on diverse-natured gadgets varies according to their specs and build. Below is the guide to installing Capcut Pro on Androids, iPhones, and PCs.

Install Capcut Pro on Android Phones

Despite buying the Capcut Membership Plans, your device must meet the app’s official requirements to avoid systematic errors. In the spotlight, Capcut works on any Android Device possessing a 4.1 OS, 145 MBs of Internal Storage, and 4 GB RAM.

  • Click the Download Button to claim the latest Capcut Pro APK.
  • Be patient for a few seconds since our servers work on your request.
  • After downloading the package, go to Phone’s Settings.
  • From the security Option > Enable Unknown Sources to permit this app access to your device storage.
  • Then, open the File Manager > Download Folder > Track & Launch Capcut Pro File to start installation.
  • Allow all on-screen permissions to complete the install setup.
  • Finally, an app icon will appear on your mobile screen. Click on it and start editing your projects.

Install Capcut Pro on iPhones

You can buy a Capcut Pro Subscription from the Official Apple Store. After doing that, follow the below guide to install the Latest Capcut APK on iPhones without hassle. Notably, you can’t Cracked Capcut Edition on Apple products.

  • Open the App Store on your iPad or iPhone.
  • Click on “Profile Icon” from the top right side of the screen.
  • Tap on your “Apple ID” and input your password to continue.
  • After reaching the Account page, go to the Search Tab.
  • Type “Capcut for iPhone” and hit OK.
  • Pick the Official App from the result and tap on the “Get” Button.
  • Follow on-screen commands to complete installation.
  • Finally, open the app and enjoy.

Install Capcut Pro on Desktops/PCs/MACs

The Capcut Pro Membership allows you to SYNC your editing progress of different projects across Androids and Desktops. On the performing grounds, Capcut Pro works effectively on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 9 & Windows 11.

  • Start by checking the app’s requirements for your Desktop or MAC OS.
  • Download the Installer and follow the steps to complete its installation.
  • Search for the Capcut App for Windows on the Installer’s Search Bar.
  • Pick the Official App and Double-click the downloaded .exe file to start the installation process.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions, including specifying the installation directory, creating shortcuts, and agreeing to the terms and conditions.
  • Click “Install” or “Next” to proceed through the installation.
  • Once the installation is complete, you can launch the editing app from the Start menu or desktop icon.


In short, Capcut Pro APK is your ultimate destination from where your editing skills reach the utmost peak of professionalism. From accessing an advanced tools gallery to unlimited previewing of designed projects and one-click sharing across Instagram and TikTok, Capcut Pro saves your efforts and time while falling lightly into your pocket.

Further, you can Turn on the SYNC Feature on the Pro Version to wire a connection between different devices. On the sidelines, you can save our website on your default browser and frequently visit to gain the latest knowledge on your favourite Capcut App.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the Capcut App Pro package cost?

The Official Capcut Pro offers three different subscription plans, including Capcut Monthly Pro for $9.00, Monthly Pro for $9.99, and Capcut Pro Standard for $7.99. Meanwhile, users must purchase cloud storage separately for $1.99 per month.

How do I purchase a Capcut Premium Membership?

Users can access two mediums to buy Premium Subscriptions – through In-app Purchases or the Official Website. After saying this, you must attach a verified payment gateway to ensure smooth purchasing of the packages.

How do I upgrade my Capcut Subscription?

Capcut Pro offers a straightforward process of upgrading the membership plans. Log In to your Capcut Official Account > Current Subscription > Upgrade the Plan > Select the Plan, and Verify your Payment Card through OTP to confirm the transaction.